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faqQ: What is the IHS Library?

A: We are the library of Independence High School in Frisco, Texas. The campus opened its in August 2014 and serves students in grades 9-12, their families, school staff, and the local community.

Q: Where is the IHS Library?

A: Independence High School is located at 10555 Independence Parkway. Please call the library if you need directions. (469) 633 – 5422.

Q: What is the library philosophy?

A: Glad you asked. The goal of the IHS library is to give the school community the full information experience: using it, creating it, understanding it, and enjoying it. We are dedicated to fulfilling the Independence mission and we will continue to innovate and transform with the changing needs of our community.  Perhaps most importantly, we believe in the pursuit of happiness that reading brings, that sometimes you have to change your own story, and that imagination fuels the future.

Q: What is the FISD Libraries mission statement?

A: You are full of great questions.  It’s to promote literacy and inspire a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.  

Q: What is the check-out policy?

A: Find that here.

Q: What’s the policy for overdue books?

A: Find that here.

Q: How do I pay for a book?  

A: If you’d like to pay by credit card or debit card, you can here: Funds 4 Books.  The company will send us a replacement book, and there is no possibility for a refund if you find the lost book.  The company is no longer accepting online checks.  Or, you can pay with exact cash in the library.  Mrs. Stone will give you a receipt.  If you find the book (in good condition) by the last day of the current school year, you can get a full refund.

Q: What is Teens’ Top Ten?

A: Calling all book-obsessed  teens. Read here.

Q: Does the library accept donations?

A: Absolutely!  We may not be able to put the book on the shelf for check-out (sometimes we can, just depends if each book meets the FISD selection policy), but we can use the books in our school programming or donate them to a local charity.

Q: Who is the librarian?

A: Allison Stone is your IHS librarian.  Mrs. Stone is a former English teacher and self-confessed book addict, and has opened three school libraries.  The 2017-2018 school year marks her seventeenth year as an educator.  She really likes book gossip.  (Don’t tell her the characters aren’t real.)

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