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Research Review

Read through this page before beginning a new research project.

If necessary, follow the ? links for more detailed explanations.



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Which databases would be best for my project?

MackinVIA Databases by subject

Which database should I use?

? Learn more about databases.


How can you tell when a source is credible? Understanding credibility is fundamentally important to conducting research. If you rely on the wrong source, your project will be compromised. Also, many teachers ask that you write analysis of your sources in an annotated bibliography or abstract. If your source isn’t credible, it will be obvious to your teacher.

Evaluating Websites

Finding Good Articles in Databases

  • Filter through your results
    • Peer-reviewed articles
    • Publication date
    • Subject headings
  • Your chances for finding a good article are a gazillion times better through the databases, but still check for objectivity, currency, authority, and accuracy just in case.
  • Go into Gale Power Search, and pick Topic Finder at the bottom. It doesn’t just help you find a topic, it helps you understand the scope of the topic. You might see what you don’t know you’re missing.

? Learn more about finding credible sources through a slightly longer mini-lesson or a more extensive flipped lesson.


For the love of all this is good in this world: CITE YOUR SOURCES. Why do you still need reminding? Yes, you deserve this attitude.

4. MLA 8

The databases and EasyBib now have reasonably good MLA 8 citations. Just remember that you are the one responsible for turning in a correct citation; it’s on you if you turn in an incorrect citation.

Reference OWL Purdue for questions.

Check your citation to this formula to see if the content and punctuation are the same.

  • If #3 and #7 are the same, you only need #3.
  • If your source is a website, #9 is the URL without http:// in front.
  • The access date is optional in the 8th edition. The database citations include it.

EasyBib Tips

  • The citations are only as good as the information you put into them. If it asks you for more information that is physically possible to find, make sure you find and report it. If unsure, let your teacher decide what constitutes impossibility.
  • If the access date would make you look bad, delete it.

 ?  Learn more about MLA 8 citations with a slightly longer mini-lesson or a more extensive flipped lesson. Complete a flipped lesson on MLA 8 formatting here.

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