Items available for check-out

Students may check out books, audiobooks, and dvds for the standard check-out period. These materials may leave the library with the student.

Students may check out some materials for the length of time they are in the library as a way of keeping track who is borrowing the item. These items do not leave the library and will be checked in before students exit. These items include game parts, makerspace materials, laptops, chromebooks, and more.

Check-out policy

Students, staff, and parents are encouraged to check out books and audiovisual materials from the library. Students and parents may check out 5 items at a time for a loan period of 3 weeks.  Students may download two digital books at a time on Overdrive, and these do not count toward the 5 physical items. Parents will have their own account.

Overdue notices

The FISD library automation system sends overdue notices. On the default setting, the system will send the 4 notices to the parent’s email address over a period of 3 weeks.

This default setting can be changed in the library so that the student receives the notice by email or text for the first 3 notices and the parent receives the final notice by email.


Students receive via email or text…

  1. a courtesy notice when an item is overdue by 24 hours
  2. the first notice when an item is overdue by 1 week
  3. the second notice when an item is overdue by 2 weeks

Parents receive via email…

4. the final notice when an item is overdue by 3 weeks

Overdue consequences

Students may no longer put new items on their accounts when they have an overdue item. This includes books, audiobooks, and dvds, but also items that are used only in the library (game parts, makerspace materials, laptops, chromebooks, etc.)

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