Search the catalog here.

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Things you can do through the catalog:

  1. Check your account. You will use your school ID and password to login. See what you have checked out, when it’s due, and put books on hold.
  2. Search for books in the library.  See if they are available or if you need to put them on hold. If they are available, find out where they are located (call number).
  3. Search for ebooks and audiobooks you can download to your device or view in a browser.
  4. See what database magazine articles relate to your search.
  5. Use Digital Shelf to see what else is on the actual shelf in the library next to any given book.
  6. See what’s new in the library and recommended book lists on the front page.

…and there’s more!  Look around and see for yourself!  If you have any questions, ask Ms. Lloyd.

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