Book Review: Truly Devious

Complete rapture.

page 1: an ivy motif.

page 2: a dedication to those who’ve daydreamed finding a body in the library

page 3: a map of a campus and all of the buildings are stunning examples of the cutest houses ever

And it’s a mystery and it’s a gooooood mystery. Sigh, I’m in love.

Maureen Johnson must be writing to me. Me and all of my soul-sisters & brothers who want be given free entry to the best school in the states where you can pursue that subject that matters to you most, which is of course a boarding school in an idyllic location, and naturally home to all kinds of brilliant creative types, and for which an unsolved mystery defines the whole place. In this book, it’s Stevie we follow on her (sorta) sanctioned quest to figure out what happened many many years earlier. But really, you can just insert yourself into her place in the story. Steve is us. We’re Stevie.

Go disappear into this book.

Book 2 isn’t out yet, but since it has a January release date, you can probably talk a loved one into pre-ordering it as a holiday gift.


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