Week 1 at Camp NaNoWriMo

Week 1: Wed, Sept 5 recap

Our Camp NaNoWriMo prep & support group!

1. Meet each other. 🙂

2. When we’ll meet: Wednesdays either in advisory (Mrs. Stone can fix your planner so you can come) or after school from 4:25-5 pm. Every Wednesday in September and October, and then we’ll do something different in November. Think: write-ins after school, and sweetly asking to leave regular classes to go write in the library.

3. From the high school YWP workbook (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5XLWiHqq_J-dG1LZHBmUC1TaEU/view):

— page 3: Inner Editor Containment Button

— page 4-6: What Makes a Novel a Novel? (Basically, think of a great novel you’d like to emulate and analyze its structure)

Next Wednesday: same time, same place! We’ll discuss how to construct our characters.

I’ll be in the writing club meeting on Monday, Sept 10th to discuss all of this and get your planners signed.

<3 Mrs. Stone


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