Rebekah Reads: Prince in Disguise

Have you ever had that one show that you know is your guilty pleasure? Well mine like a lot of people in the US is The Bachelor. The drama, the roses, the cheesy staged dates! In Prince in disguise we meet Dylan whose sister enters in a similar reality show where whoever ends up being the one gets to date an marry a Scottish lord. But Dylan who wants nothing to do with the camera lights is forced to go and be her sisters made of honor to boost the rating of the televised wedding.

Dylan like most of us is awkward and makes a fool out of herself in front of the camera, but what she doesn’t expect while traveling to Scotland for the wedding is to meet the lovely Jamie, a book nerd with more secrets than you might think.

Fast and fun read, this book will have you laughing out loud and enjoying every part of it until the end. I recommend this book to anyone who wants some chick lit to read and that enjoys reality tv and it’s weirdness.


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