Book Review: The Beauty of Darkness

This is the last book of The Remnant Chronicles trilogy. Here’s an excerpt from my review of the first book, Kiss of Deception.

“Princess Lia is on the run.  She fled with her friend and servant on the day she was to be wed to an old prince she’d never met from another kingdom in order to secure a political alliance for her country. She’s been tracked and found by two men.  One is a young, attractive, and honorable man who turns out to be her intended betrothed she fled (oops, not an old nasty man at all).  One is a young, attractive assassin who has been sent to kill her.  Here’s the best part: the reader doesn’t know which man is which.”

The books are lengthy but totally worth it. I recommend the series if you like Rae Carson, Sara Raasch, or Sarah J. Maas. I doubly recommend the series to those who like a strong female character who is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good, but doesn’t for ways to self-destruct every 50 pages.



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