Book review: A List of Cages

Robin Roe is a local author! That might be reason alone to read her first novel, but let me tell you: A List of Cages is so good you’d want to read it no matter where she lived.

It’s from the point of view(s?) of two boys: Adam and Julian. Adam is a senior in high school, and Julian is a freshman. When Julian lost both his parents in an accident, he lived as a foster with Adam and his mother for a short time. Then Julian’s uncle took him into his home and the boys lost touch. Now reunited, they both need this friendship for different reasons.

Let me tell you something: there’s a page in this book that made me yell in outrage. I was reading in a public place. I’m now “that mom” at my kid’s soccer practice.

Please read this and then come discuss with me! I need to talk it out.


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