Book review: The Passion of Dolssa

I always warn kids that I’m not going to do The Passion of Dolssa justice when I tell them it’s about a girl in the middle ages who the Catholic church believes is a heretic. They don’t believe me and politely blink their glassy eyes. And then I tell them the girl believes Jesus is her boyfriend.


Julie Berry does the historical fiction genre a huge favor. To speak in cliches, she makes history come alive. (I know, I’m rolling my eyes at myself, but it’s true!) Her books are suspenseful, and they grip teens firmly by the neck and pull them into the story. There are, of course, many authors who do this, but Berry is on my short list of suggestions. She can make a believer out of a kid who thinks history is boring. Like The Monkees song. I couldn’t leave her if I tried.


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