Book Review: Heartless

Starting to wonder if I have some unresolved anger…

Here’s why. This is the story of the Queen of Hearts–from Alice in Wonderland, remember?–and how she got to be the feared tyrant Lewis Carroll and Walt Disney portrayed. Cath begins life as a caring, sweet girl who dreams of opening a bakery with her bff, who’s also her servant. It’s hard to imagine Cath as the off-with-her-head type. However, Meyer makes a compelling case for how mistreatment and heartbreak can destroy what once was and remold what’s left into a heartless shell.

Meyer had me so firmly in Cath’s corner that I supported Cath all the way through her transformation into the Red Queen. MAKE THEM PAY, CATH! HURT THEM! SHOW THEM WHAT THEY’VE DONE! GET REVENGE! The residents of Wonderland (Wonderlandonians?) should have left Cath alone to build a life the way she imagined it. They stole her happiness.

Villains gotta vil.


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