Book Review: Court of Fives

What it is:

an epic fantasy with characters who have strong moral sense set in another time and place.

What I kept thinking:

It’s so easy to say, “I’d never do that. I’d never put myself in that situation. I’d find a way. I’d never let that happen to myself/him/her/them.”

But until tested, who’s to say what we’d really do? What if you were faced with obstacles only your worst nightmares could conjure? Or what if the long-established obstacles were removed and you had to make a new series of seemingly impossible decisions?¬†Every major character in this book–not just our main character, Jes–must make some pretty impossible decisions. The social structure complicates every aspect of their lives, and the characters are manipulated by one force after another. ¬†There are questions of loyalty and trust.

If you like to engage in debates about fictional people (i.e. book gossip), come find me after you read it. We’ve got lots to discuss!


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