Book Review: Gena/Finn

You can read this book during the time it takes for your family to watch yet another Marvel movie.

It’s an epistolary novel. Epistolary is an SAT word that means written in the form of letters. Or in this case, it means the entire book is told through texts, chats, and blog posts.

Two girls–Gena in her teens and Finn in her twenties–are struggling in their separate lives when they meet online through a fandom site. They quickly become friends, then best friends, and then their lives intertwine to the degree that they have a hard time understanding exactly what it is that they are to each other. They just know that they need one another to function while IRL their worlds are getting consistently harder.

It’s an interesting novel, and not just because of the format and the collaboration between two teen novelists. It’s interesting because the tone changes dramatically from beginning to end. What starts as fun snarkiness turns into legit drama, which then becomes holyschmolywhatWASthat?

You’ll need more resolution than the book provides, but I don’t think you’ll be sorry you read it.

Here’s a quotation…

“the truth is
loving someone isn’t a period
it’s a semicolon
and the choice you make is what comes on the other side”



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