Book Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

rest of us just live here coverI adore the concept of this book.  What would it be like to attend Hogwarts (or insert other fantasy location) and NOT be the chosen one?  As you are going along your everyday business you’d see the chosen one pass you in the hallway with cloak blown to smithereens due to recent wrestling match with giant fire-breathing troll.  If this kind of thing happens a lot, you might stop being impressed with it.  You might turn back to the conversation you were having about math homework.

In The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Patrick Ness begins each chapter with about 5 brief sentences of what the chosen ones are up to.  And then the rest of the chapter belongs to Mikey, his sisters, his best friend, and his unrequited love.  Their problems are (mostly) ordinary, but as the story builds you find that there’s maybe not so much difference between the kids that are “chosen” and those that are not.  The problems that plague the chosen ones might best be solved by the mundanes/muggles/regular folk.

Great concept.  I got a little bored along the way, but the story moved quickly enough that I stuck with it.



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