Book Review: Dumplin’

dumplinI adore Willowdean.  Julie Murphy created a character that is a spot-on representation of what it’s like to be female.  She gets the feels just right.  All the feels.

Willowdean is the most self-confident girl who’s ever lacked confidence.  She’s beautiful and powerful and also introverted and vulnerable.  She’s overweight–she’ll tell you that straight off.  It’s not really a problem.  Until it is.

Willowdean has a lot to prove to herself, to her mom, to her friends, and to the town of Clover City, Texas.  Along with a wonderfully strange group of new friends, she’s going to make a statement in the most unheard of way possible…the local beauty pageant.

All the thumbs up.  Mine, yours, and borrow someone else’s.


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