TAB = Teen Advisory Board

tabThere’s a new student organization this year.  It’s the library TAB, or Teen Advisory Board.  This group is open to everyone interested in planning programs and events for the library.  It’s the library version of student council.

Why you should join TAB:

1. I have a lot of programs and events in mind, but I’m old and I don’t know if they are all good ideas.  So if you’d rather die than attend one of the events, I need you to stop me.  It’ll be an intervention.

2. You love the library and you want to have a say in how it is run.

3. There are things about the library you’d change.

4. You are community minded.  And/or you want some community service hours at events.

5. You want to tell a college you not only served on a school leadership council, you helped FOUND it.

The first meeting is a very tentative Sept. 17th after school.  I think we can add a few more dates, but I’m not sure when yet.  I’ll put it on the announcements and the school calendar.


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